Corona virus may have reached humans by two types of animals, these are they

Corona virus may have reached humans by two types of animals, these are they

Those Lockdowns, the Many Sick and Bankrupt Companies, and the Supply Industry: What Do We Really Own? Well, a new report from the World Health Organization indicates that the Coronavirus is presumably responsible for two animal species.

WHO experts have investigated the origin of the coronavirus in China, and they say it is possible that the virus may have passed from a bat to another animal and from there to humans. So, “eating a bat,” as many people believe, is not the basis of the Coronavirus. It is also unlikely that the virus was accidentally transmitted in a laboratory in Wuhan. This came in a report of the World Health Organization, which was seen by the French news agency.

More research into the cause of the Coronavirus

But experts believe they have not been able to operate freely enough in Wuhan. So they want to do more research. When the virus first appeared in China in late 2019, the authorities tried to hide the facts about the coronavirus. The informants were dealt with.

It wasn’t until a real epidemic broke out in Wuhan that they identified a possible cause. The market in Wuhan, where the animals were sold, among other things. Then the idea arose that the virus came from bats and thus transmitted to humans. There is an iota of truth in this, but first the Corona virus jumped into another animal. They haven’t announced which animal it is.

A complete lockout

What we notice mainly now from these two animal species is the shutdown. It will take some timeAnd at Easter, we don’t sit on the balcony. However, a change awaits us this week: the curfew is changing. You don’t have to be at 9 PM now, but “only” at 10 PM. This is partly due to the truth summer timeThat started last Sunday.

There will be another press conference on Corona on Tuesday, April 13th. You can read all of the current coronavirus measures on the website From the national government.

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Corona virus may have reached humans by two types of animals, these are they

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