Corona vaccination in Van der Pigalle in Coulomb

Corona vaccination in Van der Pigalle in Coulomb

Saturday 17 April 2021 at 2.16 pm

KOLLUM – Saturday 17 April, for vaccinations against Corona, GP patients M. Bergervoet and W. Advice from RIVM have been invited.

Coronavirus vaccination ensures that the body makes antibodies to the Corona virus. This way people are better protected. If someone catches corona after vaccination, vaccination will ensure that you will develop serious illness less quickly.

The organization went unhindered. The adjacent Van der Beige Sports Hall can be used. Screening was done at the entrance to ensure that the vaccination was given safely. Then one can inform the management of everyone’s practices where the health statement has been reviewed and approved. After receiving the vaccination, the patient received a “Corona vaccination registration card”, and this card must be presented again before the second vaccination on July 3, along with the health statement. After vaccination, patients were allowed to wait at an appropriate distance of 1.5 meters for 15 minutes. Many doctors turned a blind eye to all of them in order to be able to intervene immediately in the event of an emergency.

At noon, we can talk about a good engagement rate of around 80%.

Positive feedback from patients and caregivers has been pleasant. At an appropriate distance, according to current Corona rules, and in a relaxed atmosphere, caregivers were given vaccinations with enthusiasm.

You may still have questions after receiving the vaccination. The information can be found on the Korean website corona.

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