British coronavirus outbreak in nursing home Brunssum |  1 Limburg

Corona outbreak in Elsloo nursing home | 1 Limburg

Coronavirus has spread among residents and staff at the Aelserhof nursing home in Elsloo. Twelve residents, six employees and one volunteer were confirmed injured.

In addition, one resident died who tested positive, a spokesperson for the Vivantes Welfare Foundation said.

Preventing an outbreak
Elderly people infected with the virus have been isolated. Other residents must be isolated preventively. “The employees who have complaints stay home,” the spokesman said. “It has been limited to one section. We hope that, in combination with other hygiene measures, we can prevent further outbreaks.”

The source of the source of infection is not yet confirmed. According to the spokesman, there are three scenarios. “The source will be an employee, volunteer or visitor. We cannot be sure that one person is the ultimate source,” he says. “We currently have a clear picture of who may or may not be infected with the virus.”

As with other healthcare institutions in the country, not everyone in Vivantes has been vaccinated, the spokesperson said. “No one in Vivantes got the second injection. This also applies to most employees. So no one is protected yet,” he says.

Despite the infection, visits are still possible. The spokesman said, “Provided that there are two people from the same house and no person in that family has any complaints or has been in contact with anyone with complaints.”

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