Corona outbreak among preschool-aged children: Rapid checks and vaccinations are now necessary

Corona outbreak among preschool-aged children: Rapid checks and vaccinations are now necessary

The coronavirus outbreak among young children at an Amsterdam elementary school last week caused concern among school leaders and teachers. “Both testing and rapid vaccination could be smoother,” says the Association for Public Education (AOb). “Gas it, so we can continue teaching.”

All primary schools will be fully open again from Monday. OMT thinks this is justified, but at Oostelijkeilanden Primary School in Amsterdam, children and teachers were injured in four of their six kindergarten classes last week. In one class, half of the students were positive.

In 12 percent of schools, one or more classes were sent home in mid-February. This is about 0.2 classrooms per school, which is roughly one class per five schools. Who is showing who Research General Assembly of School Leaders (AVS). On average, about six students per school are in quarantine.

Troubled issues

AVS President Petra Van Haren: “This is the first incident in which many children have been confirmed to be infected in Kindergarten, and it is also related to the British variant, which has never happened before. We have not had to deal with it before, and we look forward to at least six months of cases. Troubled, maybe longer.

School leaders fear dire consequences for education if nothing changes quickly. “We’ve had a year where nothing was normal, and with the British alternative, the incorrect testing policy, the education that has no place yet in the vaccination strategy, we haven’t finished it yet,” Van Haren says.

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The pilots

Next week, it will start in five primary schools Pilots with rapid tests For education personnel. These tests are used prophylactically, so without any known contamination. Today, the ministry confirms that the goal in successful pilot programs is to publish rapid tests within three months to all primary education faculty members.

The Education Syndicate is resuming. “We are relying on experts, but the education staff deserves a place in the vaccination strategy,” says AOb’s Tamar Van Gelder. “Rapid testing must be made available seriously. The Amsterdam incident confirms what we said weeks ago.” Also test young children with each mucus bubble.

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