Corona news: The curfew may be extended until March 30, which is a significant easing until the end of March

Corona news: The curfew may be extended until March 30, which is a significant easing until the end of March

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Also on this Saturday, we kept you abreast of the latest news about the Corona crisis in Brabant and beyond via this live blog.

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  • A total of 294 Corona patients were admitted to Brabant Hospitals on Saturday morning, six fewer than Friday’s patients.
  • The curfew may be extended until March 30, a major easing until the end of March
  • Coronavirus cases increased significantly: 5,387, average 4,526
  • 917 new infections in Brabant, more than yesterday (794).
  • During the past 24 hours, 33 new patients with corona were admitted to hospitals in Brabant, and three patients died of corona during the past 24 hours.
  • In Catshuis, RIVM President Jaap van Dissel and concerned ministers are discussing corona measures, and no further relaxation is expected.
  • Read all the news about Coronavirus on our website Topic page.

7.30 p.m. The curfew may be extended until March 30
The curfew will likely be extended until March 30, and further easing may not be expected until the end of this month. Sources stated that it was in response to the Catchways Council on Saturday, as the ministers most involved in the Corona crisis were informed by experts.

Decisions on this are not yet final. On Monday there will be a crisis meeting of the Cabinet. After that, Prime Minister Marc Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jong will again hold a press conference.

16.42 – a decrease in the number of hospitalized patients
For the fourth consecutive day, the number of Corona patients in hospitals has decreased. The total number of patients admitted with Covid-19 is now 1,863, which is 48 fewer patients than Friday. 542 of them are in intensive care, according to the National Patient Distribution Coordination Center (LCPS).

15.45 – 5387 new cases of corona, 917 cases in Brabant

Between Friday morning and Saturday morning, 5,387 new cases of Corona were added. This is well above average, because last week the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) recorded an average of 4,470 cases in a 24-hour period.

In our province, 917 injuries were reported in the past 24 hours. Yesterday there was 794.

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13.15 – Prime Minister Mark Rutte ditches the Corona haircut
Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte lost Corona’s hairstyle. He went to his regular hairdresser in Leidschendam. He then told NOS that his haircut was “reasonably successful”. “I’ve left it a little longer than usual, because the difference from the last few weeks is so big. But it feels great.”

12.47 – Arrests after calling Eindhoven test street to “set fire to”
A 57-year-old woman from Andeel and a 37-year-old man from Giles Arrested after calling GGD test street in Eindhoven for “making a fire”. Police assert that spreading and sharing inflammatory messages is a criminal offense.

11.26 – “German self-exams are selling well”
German supermarket chain Aldi has started selling rapid Corona tests in Germany. According to Der Westen, the tests sell like hot cakes. It costs 25 euros, but then you have a box with five antigen test strips. Results on these types of tests take about 15 minutes and are said to be 96 percent accurate.

11.09 – ROAZ numbers
A total of 294 Corona patients were admitted to Brabant Hospitals on Saturday morning, six fewer than Friday’s patients. ROAZ announced this Saturday morning at around 11 am. In the past 24 hours, 33 new patients in Corona have been admitted to Brabant Hospitals. On the other hand, 34 patients with corona were discharged from the hospital during the past 24 hours. Three of them were moved. Three patients died in Corona in hospitals in Brabant in the past 24 hours.

09.57 – Voters support evidence of vaccination in juveniles
Event organizers should be able to request a certificate of vaccination from visitors at the entrance. A majority of StemWijzer’s 1.4 million users believe it, according to Hart van Nederland reports. After completing the data, users can point out the topics they find important. They count double the score. The statement about the vaccination certificate in juveniles was mentioned about 300,000 times, more than the statements about care or refugees.

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09.14 – Juvenile industry sets up a plan to return to its old normal
The juvenile industry has developed its own plan to help the industry out of the Corona crisis more quickly. After the trial events now being held with Fieldlabs, it should take place immediately, according to Eventplatform and Alliance of Event Builders. According to Jolanda Jansen of the alliance, people urgently need to relax in a responsible and safe way. “This is what we can present as an industry.”

08.38 – Jaap Van Dessel questioned compliance with Corona rules
RIVM’s Jaap Van Dessel wonders whether people adequately comply with aura standards. At NOS, he says: “We have a lot of procedures, but according to research by the behavioral unit at RIVM and GGDs, compliance is declining. About half of respondents say they stay at home when they have complaints and only 46 per cent say they should test them at Case of complaints.

07.29 – ZiggoDome prepares for a test concert
Around 1,300 people will attend ZiggoDome in Amsterdam on Saturday to attend one of the experimental concerts that will be held there this weekend, Corona time. The alleged Back To Live event will feature Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Sam Feldt, Lucas & Steve and Lady Bee. This concert is one of the experiments held by Fieldlab Events to see if an event can be held with Corona Proof.)

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06.49 – The number of reports of sexual blackmail doubled during Corona
More than twice the number of people who were before the Corona crisis reported falling victim to sexual blackmail and the unwanted distribution of nude photos and videos. Arda Gerkens, director of the Expert Center for Online Child Abuse, reports this to the KRO-NCRV Index. Jerkins attributes the increase in the number of reports during the Corona lockdown to a lack of distraction: Since young people do not go to school and see fewer friends, they have more time to go online.

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03.44 – No official case of influenza has been identified this winter
Not a single official case of flu has been diagnosed in the Netherlands this winter, it said ad Based on figures from the Knowledge Institute Nivel, which, together with RIVM, is monitoring the spread of respiratory viruses in the Netherlands. Nivel’s numbers show that people with flu-like complaints came to the doctor, but not once was found to actually have the flu. Instead, it often turns out to be the corona, rhinoceros, or enterovirus.

03.30 – there is little chance that the locker will relax after consulting Catshuis
Informed sources said that it is unlikely that a new easing of Corona rules will be announced during the press conference that will be held next Monday on the Corona crisis. The ministers most involved this Saturday will be discussed in Catshuis with RIVM President Jaap Van Dessel. Last week, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Attorney General Fred Graberhaus already said there was little chance that the stands, for example, would open again next week.

01.24 – At least 68 patients from Tilburg experienced complications due to postponement of care
At Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg and Waalwijk, at least 68 patients have developed complications due to delayed care since the start of the Corona pandemic. Seven of them died. According to Edo Arnoldos, Chief Medical Officer, this is evident from the hospital’s internal registration sincerely. In about half of the cases it involves cancer patients.

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