Controversial Chess President Hans Niemann cheated in 100 online matches |  other sports

Controversial Chess President Hans Niemann cheated in 100 online matches | other sports

Controversial chess manager Hans Niemann from the United States is said to have cheated in over a hundred online games. The Wall Street Journal reported this on the basis of an investigation by chess website, which blocked a chess player from accessing the online platform for a certain period last year.

Niemann caused a stir recently by defeating world champion Magnus Carlsen. Shortly thereafter, the Norwegian coach stopped his match against Niemann in an online tournament after just one movement and turned his screen black. A few days later, Carlsen openly accused Neiman of cheating.

The 19-year-old American is said to have cheated online much more times than the two he admitted to when he was 12 and 16. According to the Wall Street Journal, a chess player has likely received illegal assistance in more than a hundred online chess games, most recently in 2020. In between, there have been games with prize money and in 25 cases it was a game that was broadcast. directly on the Internet.

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The 72-page report from also notes that Neiman acknowledged the allegations in a phone conversation with the site’s spokesperson and that he was banned from the platform for a while. According to the investigation, irregularities were also found during the chess player’s way to the top. The chess player did not respond to the American newspaper’s reports.

However, the chess site also notes that it has not been involved in the detection of cheating in classic chess games and has no specific data on whether he cheated in live games. says some Niemann parties deserve additional research based on the data. The International Chess Federation FIDE ordered a commission of inquiry to investigate the riots between Carlsen and Neimann and the allegations.

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