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An Internet Archive contributor has made an app library of over 565 Palm OS apps available to users. They can download the applications or run them via emulators at the Internet Archive’s website.

According to Jason Scott, the contributor who uploaded the app’s library, it took six months for the pre-existing library Cloudpilot emulation software before PalmOS was ready for embedding On the Internet Archive website. He also had help from another developer, Christian Spekner, during the process.

Scott said To the editors of The Verge There is still work to be done. Not every app developer is listed at this point, and the guy also wants to write a quick guide to every Palm OS app.

Once you open the app in the browser, the PalmOS operating system is fully loaded. This allows the application to communicate with the underlying operating system. However, some functions, such as serial communication and infrared, do not work. Cloudpilot simulator can handle mouse interface and touch screen input. All buttons and touch-sensitive interface elements should work properly.

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