Construction of padel fields begins in the new sports park: “where families can play sports and relax” (Porspick)

Construction of padel fields begins in the new sports park: “where families can play sports and relax” (Porspick)

Paul van Hoy on the renovated tennis courts at Pursbeek Sports Park. © Philip Spoilers


Roughly a year and a half after Paul Van Hoey revealed his plans to upgrade the municipal sports site in Boechoutsesteenweg, the actual work could begin.

Philip Spoilers

Not that nothing has happened in the meantime on the field where the two disappearing clubs Porsbek Sport and Porsbek Tennis Club used to reside. Since Paul Van Hoey, along with his family and associates, has a long lease on the site, he is gradually transforming it into a multifunctional sports park with an association with the adjacent castle domain.

“We have completely renovated the tennis courts. A new deck, LED lighting and proper fencing have been put in place. The former tennis club has been discontinued, but we are continuing our own operations where everyone is welcome to play. We will soon start a training center for the tennis and swing club,” explains Van Hoy.


Because the next step in the development is the construction of ten padel stadiums. “During the permit application process, plans have changed. This week work will begin on the construction of six covered areas and four regular areas. We want to be ready to play by November 1st. We want our sports park to be fully operational by April 2023, including space for a basketball court.” 3 x 3 covered, petanque courts, yoga tent and outdoor crossfit sturdy box.

There are also two football fields on site. “These teams are currently well used by teams from Berchem Sport, Lyra-Lierse, Oxaco Boechout and Antwerp Diamonds FC. It shows the diversity of sports we want to make possible here.”

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The cafeteria has undergone its first renovation, but more will follow. “We create a sports oasis or a community where families come to exercise and relax in a quiet way. Sport, eat, have a drink on the terrace and in the meantime let the children play, that is the goal we are working towards.”

bouncy castles

This feeling can be detected since Wednesday during the summer jump. “We have installed fifteen bouncy castles that will remain in place until August 15. While the kids are having fun, parents or grandparents can eat and drink something.” Summer Jump is open daily from 10am-6pm. The daily rate is €8, while adults and children up to two years old can enter for free. (fisp)

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