Connie Whitman is happy to be in love again |  to watch

Connie Whitman is happy to be in love again | to watch

Good news for Connie Whitman: There’s a new guy in her life that she’s having a lot of fun with. It’s about Amsterdam Henk de Vries, founder of the famous bulldog empire, which includes a chain of cafés. These reports Spread.

Connie and Hynk have known each other for over 35 years and have always been good friends. “We saw each other as friends, sometimes more often, sometimes less. Henk’s dear wife passed away three years ago, and that was a terrible time for him. This summer we went to dinner together, first with mutual friends. And we’ve done it many times with both of us Then came the plan to go on vacation together and last week we came back from a long week in Curaçao. That was great and we finally decided to go for each other now that we’re alone,” Whitman said.

The Last Love

Although Connie said not long ago that she no longer needed a new love, she is now back from him. That feeling changed when I started seeing Henk more often and when I also realized that my love life shouldn’t end like it did nearly three years ago. But Henk will definitely be my last love. I am convinced of that. It is nice to find such happiness in our time. We are both in the early seventies. We will enjoy it very much.”

For De Vries, all this media attention is unnecessary and he prefers to stay out of the spotlight. But since fellow travelers spotted the couple on the flight from Curaçao, Whitman preferred to tell their story himself to put an end to the rumours. “We are not excited about it. We have a lot of fun together, but we don’t want to talk at all.”

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Witteman’s last relationship was with Eugène van Dun, whom she eventually faced in court over a money issue. The couple have been together for five years.

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