Concerns about BzV-Hans and Annette: ‘I wonder how they want to do it’

Hans and Annette get close to each other on the latest episode of Farmer’s Look for a Woman. The two seem to like each other now. Also Eva van Riet, who discusses the episode every week with Karleen Bernnster for telegraphHe sees the two starting to like each other more and more.

More and more fun

Eva van Riet notes that Hans and Annette cannot abandon each other. “Hans is much kinder. That’s why we’re watching, right? These two are just two old people finding love with that. I’m so glad he finally picked Annette. They also went to Ireland together on a trip to town and Hans had a suit on at once.”

Anyway, not seeing Hans on the farm for once is already a completely different man. He suddenly became a gentleman. Sprinkle compliments. At one point, Annette said, “I really feel like a movie star. Then Hans said, “You’re a movie star too, aren’t you?” It was unique. I liked it very much. At some point they went for roasting. She said: On a city trip. “No, we’re baking the future,” he says. That’s what you want to hear from a man.”

private shop

However, there is a problem, according to Van Riet. “The two are very much in love with each other. Only Annette has a clothes shop in Zeeland, so I’m curious how she plans to do that. Because Hans doesn’t leave Brabant, he stays on the farm. So I’m curious if she’s going to move in with him, and how she works in the shop.” .but it feels really good.”

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