Conan wants to give one hundred percent to Licorice

Conan wants to give one hundred percent to Licorice

Ryan Coenen, 25, is the tenth player on the Amysoft Lycurgus squad for next season. Passer-runner BBTS Bielsko Biala, who is less than 2.09 meters from the United States. With this club playing in the second level in Poland, Conen became the champion last season. “I promise to give my 100 percent every day.”

This part is possible in part:

Prior to that, the Milwaukee-born player played for five years for the University of Louisville, near Chicago. There, Conan was named to the All-Star Team of the NCAA Tournament four times in the United States. Conan began playing volleyball at Franklin High School at the age of fourteen and continued through the Milwaukee Volleyball Club. Conan sees his year in Poland positively. ‘I have learned a lot and taken big steps. Learned what European volleyball is. At the end of the season I played my best volleyball. ‘

The technical staff has been on the radar for a long time and made a serious effort to bring the Americans to Lycurgus last year, but it did not work. Coach Arjan Thaye. ‘He is tall and able to resist and serve. A good pipe and strong in high balls. Coenen has a lot of potential and attractive components. You rarely see a runner crossing two meters nine, and since there are no good passer-runners in the Netherlands we have to look elsewhere. Ryan is attacking and choosing growth opportunities with us. ‘

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Conan, who comes to Groningen with girlfriend Jenna, is well aware of the situation with Lycarcus. ‘I know Mitch Perrin, Colin Mahan and Austin Mattatia (former players, ed.). I played against them or we were on the team together. I heard good things about the club with great facilities. Licorice is one of the best clubs in the Netherlands. This is a good step for me to move forward. I would also like to work with coach Arjan Taiju. I had good conversations with him. ‘

Selection so far:

Playmaker: Marcus Held, Time de Jong
Diagonal: Jacob Kern (can)
Passer-runner: Ryan Conan (USA), Kyle McCauley (USA), Morton Bartels
Middle Attack: Niels de Vries, Luke Hoffhuis, Jasper Schutz
Libero: Jeffrey Clock

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