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Column | The use of Eid al-Fitr is a nod to advancing conservatism

Conservative America wants to set aside the right to abortion. Homosexual rights are being attacked in many countries, including Russia. From this week, women in Afghanistan are only allowed to walk the streets wearing the burqa, although according to those in power it is still better if they do not go out. Globally, anti-independence conservatism is advancing.

In Turkey, this process has been going on for about twenty years. For example, in 2014, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister wanted to ban women from laughing in public. The fact that abortion has not yet been banned in Turkey is due to strong opposition from the opposition.

Currently the language is also being refined. There are thousands of French words of credit in Turkey. Attempts are now being made to replace those words with old Ottoman or Arabic words. There is also the word ‘sugar feast’ in Turkey Pyramid of courseUntil recently, the term was accepted and generalized in all circles in Turkey, and is on fire with conservative sharpeners. The ‘leader’ of Dionette, the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs, said the word Eid in 2019 was “wrong”; According to him, this will bring a very mild character to the holy month of Ramadan. His message is not to use that word anymore. In recent years, for example, in the various state media, the old-fashioned neutral ‘happy holidays’ have become the most religious ‘blessed Ramadan festival’. But still in Turkey; Not in Arabic (‘Eid Mubarak’).

Fortunately, large sections of Turkish society continue to use the term sugar festival. That word has been around for centuries, and it covers more and more. My grandparents and their families knew about a century ago, still in the Ottoman period (in Thessaloniki), both Jewish festivals and sugar festivals; In present-day Turkey, secularists also celebrate Eid.

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The word sugar fest was also discussed in the Netherlands this year. Here, too, traditional Muslims are trying to correct those who use the word Eid on social media. And they are trying to convince the media and the government that the word is an insult to Islam. Last week, the Communications Organization for Muslims and Government (CMO) called for a meeting with the Ministry of Justice and Defense to change the word Eid al-Fitr in government communications. Incumbent Social Affairs Minister Carian von Jennif (CDA) is set to accept the CMO’s ‘official term’. “Language is tailored to the needs of an organism and a group,” his spokesman said.

It is good to know that the CMO has ten national umbrella organizations, including many radical nationalist and radical conservative groups. For example, the Turkish Federation of the Netherlands (TFN) is the national umbrella organization for gray wolf associations. He is affiliated with the Turkish Nationalist Party, the MHP. France recently banned far-right gray wolves following rising tensions between Turks and Armenians in Lyon. The Netherlands did not dare to do that. In contrast, the CMO is the officially recognized Muslim contact point for ministries and participating organizations receive grants.

How will the government and the media react if Christian fundamentalists demand that the word Easter be changed? From now on we will use ancient Greek Easter Because the language of the New Testament is Greek. Or Aramaic ‘Pasha’, because it is the language spoken by Jesus. I think they will laugh heartily. In fact, the trend around Dutch holidays is currently in the opposite direction. The terms Christmas and Easter are replaced by winter festival and spring festival, which precisely removes any religious meaning.

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On the news site, last Sunday, Looking back Report on the Sugar Festival. Badr, a NU reader, was upset by the word and the teachers agreed with him and apologized: “Our teachers are very white, but we are taking action.” Does diversity and content mean blindly accepting words or terms from a conservative tradition?

Dear Government and Media: Do not be fooled. Tens of thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims around the world celebrate Eid without using Arabic Quranic words. Until recently they were not commonly heard. The cry of conservative clubs about this is somehow more understandable; They believe that there is only one pure truth that cannot be bartered. The submission of teachers and government agencies to this is utterly disappointing.

Aileen Flick A chief hunter and advertiser.

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