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In the Radio House, on the sofa opposite the dining table, where sandwiches with eggplant and cheese are placed in a cardboard box for studio guests, I found a man with an accordion. A gray lady with a guitar flew around.

I don’t know what I thought, probably not: “nice live music”, because I really like it only at concerts for which I bought a ticket myself. But I gave them their attention, because it doesn’t seem like an easy time for musicians in this age of inflation.

The man pulled his machine.

They called.

I saw them walking into the studio, I myself disappeared into the elevator a little later.

I later learned that they were the famous bandoneonist Karel Krainhoff, the man who stole a teardrop from Maxima at her wedding, and Leonie Jansen. Two artists I can’t say walk next to in their shoes, because I didn’t recognize them.

They turn out to be neighbors, neighbors who share a passion for folk music from around the world. In their case there are quite a few, because they live in Beemster.

Our acquaintances also live in Beemster, on a farm where they make fires. The last time we visited, my daughters and I were snuggled in a pile of pillows staring out the window as nothing happened. Yes, the wind was blowing harder than the day before. I did not know then whether I would be very happy or very unhappy in such an environment. The nearest neighbors lived one hundred and fifty meters away, and they had a good connection, but what that meant specifically was not clear. Of course you don’t want to live in an old farmhouse if you’re afraid of socializing.

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On the first meeting of Karel Kraienhoff and Leonie Jansen, I now have full fantasies. Of course you don’t expect to meet other folk music lover from all over the world in those endless lowlands. It sounded cute to me, but also oppressive, because of course you can’t go anywhere when you see the other person approaching from a distance with a machine around their neck. You can’t leave your home there unseen. I think I’ll go downstairs and wait for visitors to come back from the yard, but that’s me. The average person opens the door and before you know it you’re with your famous Radio 1 neighbor, with your popular music from all over the world.

Marcel van Roosmalen He writes an exchange column with Elaine Dikowitz here.

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