Column: Inverted World

Column: Inverted World

This column was supposed to be about The Science and why proper research into Bitcoin’s energy consumption isn’t being done. Why it’s absolutely not about the power this dodgy grid is using, and not whether it’s taking power (nobody denies it).

It also had to do with the homemade cookie that some very candid Bitcoin clients are now taking back on Twitter in the form of research against Bitcoin mining – obviously wrong – and what they are doing themselves with anti-extremist propaganda, just one example.

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It also had to do with how fortunate science is in general, but the damage has already been done quite often, for example the two-tier paper that appeared in a small Nature publication in 2018 where Bitcoin mining alone is claimed to be a problem. actually. You could be responsible for those two famous degrees…

Unfortunately, these allegations persist and keep coming back. Just as it has been for a long time exposed Red Meat Research by Diederik Stapel.

Until Friday evening I was doing a little of it myself hustle On the Telegram channel I’m known for my strong dissatisfaction with opinion programs like Op1. I refuse to look at it because it gives me a lot of negative energy, without being too vague about it.

A story about the topic choices from the first paragraph will only become the 1,000th time you’ve already fully chewed up the topics. Another view sauce, now in the form of an angry column. “Look, you don’t understand that either!” this work.

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It is best then to step back and look at the bigger picture. The well-known work “If in doubt, minimize.” Then we see a world full of frightened people in safer environments than ever before. Every escalation and transgression is so widely reported that we are crawling deeper and deeper into our caves. Less less! Survey people all over the rich west.

It means less energy. They think this means less carbon dioxide emissions. Concept. afraid. While everyone can also think with a little thought that we collectively have a lot Lake Energy will be used in the future, not least because the majority of the world’s population also wants a more comfortable life, just like the rest of us. That’s right.

And yes, we’re starting to use less energy because a lot of things are more economical these days. This is called progress. technical development. But if this progress is not an integral part of the collective memory, people will get stuck in some kind of utopian worldview. Beautiful past – everything – the best. In the story of a beautiful little peasant non-existent. Beautiful sunrise from a worn out cabin with leaky roof and broken dirt floor.

Progress is growing our food without the need for land and growing meat without the need for animals. All this requires energy and heat or cooling. It also makes for a better world because there is more room for fresh air and fewer methane emissions, to name a few.

But if the company it As temperatures rise in greenhouses With a high yield of residual heat from miners (94 percent) they don’t even dare position their position as Bitcoin due to the negative image, which is unfortunate to say the least.

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The most diverse thing about energy use in the world that can be used to explore all kinds of new paths around energy consumption is structurally flaring because we don’t dare open up about the big picture. With the exception of a few well-established figures, almost everyone agrees that less carbon dioxide should be released into the air. Zero is preferred. And that’s while we’re going to use more energy.

This requires a whole mountain of innovation. If bitcoin is also paying for it on its own with its own block backing, that sounds like a huge advance to me. You also get a super secure network in return, which is also not unimportant in our online community.

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