Colorful Graduation with MyLifeCreations by Amelie Ackx

Colorful Graduation with MyLifeCreations by Amelie Ackx

Amelie Ackx studies Musical Theater at Codarts in Rotterdam and today she played her Vapac titled MyLifeCreations.


Searching for absolute freedom and longing for it. Confession of escaping from reality. The tendency to physically or mentally escape from reality and withdraw from responsibilities. In MyLifeCreations, Amelie investigates how flight behavior can provide a safe haven, but can also become a predicament.

Upon entering, the audience sees a sterile white environment still filled as it was. People who wear VR glasses are aware of the fact that a virtual environment can make you sick or ill. Two women also warn of this.

Then the story of the performance takes place in a reality drawn by Amelie, which she can arrange herself. Her own dreams come true until a virus changes virtual reality on its own, turns her life upside down and takes over.

The setting and decor are perfectly integrated into the performance, and Janneke Melis and Danielle Deddens’ play ensures they stay right in the middle of the story that Emily tells. It continues until Amelie decides to stop the game, the area turns red and then of course, like any game that ends abruptly, the inevitable questions of why the game has stopped follow.

Amelie has cleverly built her performance by performing the entire stage in clinical white, so it instantly feels like you’re in an almost sterile environment where anything is still possible and it really happens. Amelie has a beautiful, clean voice and played with passion.

Amelie did an internship during the Christmas period at the Wilmink Theater in Enschede, where she played in several shows. Now that I’ve almost graduated from Codarts, it’s fortunate that theaters are opening up again and there are opportunities to enter the professional field again.

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Kodarts Rotterdam

Codarts Student Life is one of six teaching teams from higher professional and science education that have been nominated for the Excellent Dutch Higher Education Award 2022, the award for innovative higher education. A total of 5 million euros can be distributed. The team can receive a maximum of 1.2 million euros. On Thursday 12 May, Minister Robert Dijkgraf (Education, Culture and Science) will award Dutch higher education tuition.

Codarts Student Life Program (Codartes Rotterdam)

The Codarts Student Life Program focuses on improving the physical and mental health of students in the performing arts. All first, second and third year students of circus, music and dance courses participate in the program. The program has since been taken over by other organizations.

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