Colombia hopes for Caribbean Grand Prix: 'Process is going well'

Colombia hopes for Caribbean Grand Prix: ‘Process is going well’

Remy Ramjiawan

Colombia is also hoping to build on the success of Formula 1 and is betting on the Caribbean Grand Prix. Atl√°ntico mayor Jaime Pomarejo is hoping to strike a ten-year deal, as agreed with Mexico and Argentina in the past.

Formula 1 presented its calendar for the next year last week. With 24 Grands Prix there is a record number of competitions in the program. Colombia is also hoping for a place on the calendar and is already working hard behind the scenes to placate royal-class policymakers. Some policymakers have already traveled to South America to review progress. Pomarego adds Radio Blue an update.

“Expires very soon”

The mayor revealed that they were impressed by the visit of the Formula 1 director. The new event will take place in Barranquilla. “The arrival of Formula 1 to Barranquilla is going very well,” Pomarigo said. The intent is that the Grand Prix does not involve any costs and that it will also fall within the new green image of the sport. “Our climate change efforts will be one of the main points of the Grand Prix, which has to be self-sustaining,” he explains.

2024 or 2025

Zandvoort showed that if there was enough support and perseverance, the jackpot could easily be won. Colombia’s goal is to be on the calendar from 2024. He hoped that once everything is ready and still needs to be done, we’ll be in it in 2024 or 2025. Hopefully this deal will be in place for ten years.

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