Diploma-uitreiking Salland

Collecting your diploma via USA, Italy and Ibiza: It’s at CS Vincent van Gogh in Assen

Sign your diploma to the US via John Airlines, then to the Netherlands via Italy and Ibiza. Such was the graduation ceremony for 118 students at the Vincent van Gogh College in Assen, located in Saland. This is the third year in a row that there is no traditional school hall with a director’s speech for Vincent Van Gogh.

Upon arrival, students received their boarding passes to visit different countries with their tour leader. Starting in America with a traditional hot dog, Italy was ready with a delicious gelato. Last stop in Ibiza, where to enjoy a mocktail. Return to the Netherlands to sign the diploma under the supervision of a mentor and family. Also, there was a prom with tropical influences.

This is not the first time that Vincent van Gogh has held a graduation ceremony in this original way. Last year was a fun and pre-drive-thru year. Dutch teacher Marije Rodwijk doesn’t think about going back to the school hall with a speech from the headmaster. “Every year we get a lot of positive reactions, so we want to continue this. The students have worked very hard for four years and deserve a special evening. They can really get attention. And for us it’s a party. .”

A proud parent said the prize-giving ceremony was a surprise for the students and their parents. “The expectation was different, which was a big hall full of people. But then you’re given this and everyone enjoys it. It gives a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. Very good for the school.”

Students are also happy with the form, says a graduate. “Really nice. So much more fun than sitting in the living room. I always find it so boring. It’s organized here, you get a snack and a drink. So convenient.” Now is the time for students to take a step forward in their career and they are also looking forward to it.

Either way, the teachers are proud of the successful students who all received their diplomas after this special year.

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