Clubhouse began testing games in rooms – picture and sound – news

Clubhouse voice chat app has started testing game play in app rooms. The goal is for the participants to be able to play these games together. The first game contains questions to break the deadlock.

With games, Clubhouse wants to differentiate itself from the countless cloned functions in other apps, Suspects TechCrunch† Meanwhile, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Discord, among others, have Alternatives with the same function as Clubhouse† The company behind the voice chat app confirmed the existence of the test and provided information about the first Wild Cards game. This is a game in which participants are asked questions to get to know each other better.

The game can be activated when setting up a new room in the app. The functionality is in the Android and iOS apps as a test. It is not known how long the test will take and the number of users involved. In addition to testing, Clubhouse has also added dark mode as a new feature in its apps and recently started offering text chatting in rooms. Clubhouse is a way to have live voice chats with others in rooms. These rooms usually have an attribute to indicate the topic of conversation.

Clubhouse Wild Cards
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