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Cloudflare’s claim that 500 million years per day will be lost has weak evidence. The fact that people spend time on a check doesn’t just make it a waste of time.

Previously, people had to go to a physical company to buy something in person, or called. The advantage of this is that you know how to trade with someone, but at the same time they prefer more clients for a lower cost. These clients did not take the time to travel or call your company. Although the captcha takes time, many clients bear the problem. You can also say that captcha is not a waste of time, but a lot of savings and profits.

The question is why should those 500 million years per day be considered a waste if it seems acceptable. Just because something else is faster doesn’t mean it has acceptable problems. Like, for example, the costs of additional hardware, the costs of having to carry it with you in the event of spontaneous actions, handing over privacy costs to a company that did not order it, the costs of giving up simple simplicity that even a digitally literate person can understand. , Etc.

Cloudflare presents its plan as a solution without reasonably identifying the problem, especially to whom. They seem to be more interested in their plan to use these personal keys than to objectively evaluate why verification codes exist.

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