Clear images of an exoplanet were captured for the first time

Clear images of an exoplanet were captured for the first time


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Detailed images of an exoplanet have been captured for the first time. This is a planet orbiting other stars in the Milky Way.

The space agencies NASA (US), European Space Agency (Europe), and CSA (Canada) have photographed the planet using the James Webb Telescope. The exoplanet named HIP 65426 b, is six to eight times larger than Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Scientists discovered the exoplanet HIP 65426 b early in 2017 using a telescope in Chile. Still images were taken at the time, but they were much less detailed than images from the James Webb Telescope.

NASA says the new images are crucial to learning more about exoplanets.

The James Webb Telescope has been observing the universe with infrared sensors since this summer. Scientists hope to use the new telescope to learn more about the Big Bang, the origin of the universe. The Webb Telescope cost nearly €10 billion and is the successor to the Hubble telescope.

Recently, the James Webb Space Telescope captured new, extremely sharp images of Jupiter.

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