Een eerdere editie van 538 Koningsdag in Breda (foto: Tom Swinkels).

City council says: “Let Breda’s catering industry sell drinks at 538 Orange Day”

Breda coalition parties VVD, D66 and PvdA want the city’s restaurant industry to participate in the Fieldlab 538 Orange Day experience on Saturday, April 24th. VVD Board Member Eddie Förster says of the controversial event: “Maybe they can sponsor catering at this event? I just really want the food industry to benefit as well”

The restaurant industry in Breda also raised the alarm earlier. They found it incomprehensible that the food industry has been closed for months, but 10,000 people could attend a test event.

The three parties are also concerned with the planned location of the party, Shasefield in the city center. They want to know from college if it can’t be done elsewhere, say at Breepark.

Fewer visitors?
The hustle and bustle of the city is also a major concern for parties. Eddie Forster: “10,000 people in town are really big.” Alliance parties are asking the committee whether consideration has been given to allowing fewer visitors. They worry about the idea that even people without a ticket can go to the party area to have a look. They also wonder if Oranjefeest can only be made available to people from Breda.

They also fear that the party will create two groups in society: people who care about the Coronavirus and their health, and people who want more and more freedom. They want the committee to see how these groups can be prevented from facing one another.

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