Choose between Lula or Bolsonaro

Choose between Lula or Bolsonaro

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In Brazil, the polls have opened for the second and decisive round of the presidential election. The battle between right-wing President Bolsonaro and his leftist rival, former President Lula.

The latest polls show a stiff race. Lula will lead by several percentage points over Bolsonaro. In the first round of the elections, in which 11 candidates participated earlier this month, Lula 48 percent of the vote and Bolsonaro 43%. But in both houses of Parliament Bolsonaro’s party has become the largest.

So the president was full of confidence after he cast his vote early in the morning for the establishment of a military complex in Rio de Janeiro. “I expect us to win for Brazil,” he said. “With God’s blessing, we will win today. Or rather, Brazil will win.”

More than 156 million people are eligible to vote in the world’s fourth largest democracy. Polling stations close at 9pm Dutch time, and because Brazilians use computers to vote, results are expected this evening.

Polling stations in Brazil are open

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