Chinese robot pocket detects "strange cube" on the far side of the moon |  Science

Chinese robot pocket detects “strange cube” on the far side of the moon | Science

Jones wrote on Twitter that the cubic shape is about 80 meters from the rover in Vau Karman crater. In Chinese, the term “our space” refers to this place as a “mysterious hut”. More of a pet’s name than a real name. Now, according to Jones, they are now waiting for updates that the Yutu 2 rover will likely collect over the next two or three lunar days (two to three months on Earth) by getting close to the object. A possible explanation for the cube’s shape may be that it was a large boulder that was excavated by an impact. The far side of the Moon is characterized by a large number of impact craters.

The Chang’e 4 lunar probe took the Yutu 2 robotic enclave on a trip to the Moon nearly three years ago. Both devices landed for the first time in human history on January 3, 2019 on the far side of the Moon, which we cannot see from Earth. Since then, the solar-powered Yutu 2 has been exploring the floor of the Von Kármán crater crater floor, which is about 186 kilometers wide.

Chang’e 4 is already China’s fourth mission to the moon, and the second with a rover. The first assignment with a motorized jeep was Change’3. Find out the front of the Moon, the part of the Moon that we can see from Earth.

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