Charlotte works in Dubai: 'The city is getting modern' |  a job

Charlotte works in Dubai: ‘The city is getting modern’ | a job

"نحن الآن بعد أربع سنوات. في هذه الأثناء ، كتبت أيضًا كتابًا ، لننتقل إلى الخارج ، للوافدين في المستقبل. يواجه كثير من الناس مشكلات لوجستية أو يتساءلون كيف سيكون الانتقال إلى الخارج عاطفيًا ".

ما الذي واجهته في البداية؟

"واجهت كل دولة تحديات جديدة. في سيدني ، على سبيل المثال ، كان من الصعب جدًا العثور على سكن. لقد ارتكبنا خطأ أيضًا بشأن تكلفة الحياة هناك. لقد بحثنا في كل شيء مسبقًا ، لكن الأمر مختلف عندما تذهب إلى هناك. مرة واحدة. جالسًا. كانت البيروقراطية أيضًا مخيبة للآمال في كثير من الأحيان. ما تعلمته هو أن آخذ دائمًا أكبر عدد ممكن من المستندات إلى العداد. دائمًا ما يطلبون شيئًا آخر غير ما تبتكره. وبهذه الطريقة تمنع الكثير من التوتر ".

What do you like most in Dubai?

“A lot of people from abroad see Dubai as a moving hotspot with lots of going out and partying on the boats. That’s certainly possible here, but the city has a lot to offer. The people are very friendly, hospitable and warm. Expats and locals live in harmony together, respecting each other. In addition, the city has become more modern. Previously, restaurants were sheltered during Ramadan and you weren’t even allowed to take a bottle of water across the street. Now this is less strict and restaurants remain open.”

What do you prefer to do on the weekend?

“In Holland, my agenda is always quite full. Here we live more spontaneously. When friends book a house, they ask a week in advance if we can come. We usually see what we feel like on weekends. In the summer we often do something Indoors, because then it is very hot. Now winter is more pleasant. In these months we regularly go to the mountains for hiking or visit one of the other emirates, such as Abu Dhabi. “

What do you miss most about the Netherlands?

“A good croquette. Or sitting on the terrace with a bitterballen and a white ale. Eating much more indoors here. What I also miss a lot is riding my bike to take a message. No one commutes here. I also miss my family and friends of course. So I can see us moving to Europe again.” Others in the future. Spain or Portugal seems like my thing. Closer to family, but still a nice temperature. You get used to that sun every day.”

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