Chantal Janzen “licks” Frank Dane and Gilty van der Goot

on a radio show Afternoon 538 with Frank Radio DJ Frank Dine and Jelte van der Goot revealed a very bizarre event yesterday afternoon: “We licked Chantal Janzen,” the two said on the broadcast.

happy Made a duo It soon became clear that it was the wax figure of the presenter. But does that make the story any less crazy?

The radio duo wanted Chantal Janzen to be at the unveiling of the new photo

Thirteen years later, Janzen received a new wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam last week. Gentlemen Radio 538 They were so excited to unveil this new statue they decided to hop in the car to Amsterdam. But just looking at the picture wasn’t enough. Dane posted a video to Instagram yesterday afternoon in which he and Van der Goot teased the presenter. He wrote under the video: “Sorry Chantal Janzen.”

in Afternoon 538 with Frank The two decide to call Janzen to tell her all about the “encounter” with her wax figure. When you pick it up, you instantly know what it’s about. “And? Are you licking it?” Dane asks plainly. “how did you know?” replies Dane, who has a laugh now. “Yeah, I had some kind of warning,” Janzen begins. “I immediately jumped in the car and started licking it. It’s kind of like a voodoo doll, it has a sensor, so I thought I felt something.”

Company outing after the wax figure of Chantal Janzen

They told Janzen on the broadcast that the guys made it a fun company outing. “We were really there when your statue was put up in the new place. They were still doing the last things, like combing your hair and mending your dress. But we were really just there to lick you, so we hoped those people would leave soon,” begins Dayne. “It was very annoying, because at a certain point these people were also like: Well, now you’ve watched Chantal for five minutes, now it’s fun, right?”

Luckily for the duo, it didn’t take long before they were the only ones in the room, with the statue. “Three, two, one…then we both took a lick,” says Dane. But now one question still smolders with Janzen: „where did you lick? Dane admits licking her left cheek. “I just want to be clear: It basically tasted sweet, but with my jellies there was something sexual. He licked like he was licking off an ice cream stick.”

Van der Groot laughs, but vehemently denies that it was “sexual” licking. He defends himself: “I thought we should lick, so I did.” “But you taste great, so we can recommend it to everyone!” Danish jokes. To which Janzen says with a quick laugh: “No, no, don’t say that! God, those people from Tusu would be so happy for us.”

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Chantal Janzen “licks” radio DJs Frank Dyne and Guilty van der Goot

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