“Chantal Janzen is the new Linda de Mol, make her a show with her body” | Media podcast

ministries Presented by the duo Nip and Nog Nipper. Arjen Lubach, Undeserved Media Person of the Year. The 10 questions from Rob Kemps and the earphone disaster. Cinematic introduction to Who is a mole? and the plot twist at the end. Who should chair Claudia de Brigg’s New Year’s Eve conference? Is that Peter Dirks, Martin Koning, or Theo Maassen?

What does the committee think? Grandpa? Is Edson da Graca a good test expert on floor? Fritz Sissing has another wish for the listener. And: deficiency the sound It becomes visible now The Masked Singer Leave another gap. That’s why Friday night specials Chantal’s pajama partyAnd ministries And Pursuit placed along the tape. Angela de Jong: Chantal Janzen is the new Linda de Mol, make her a show with her body! And according to Angela de Young, there’s still a fourth smiling show on Friday night and it’s at her window. Which one?

You can hear it in this episode! I listen! To the weekly AD Media Podcast, in which TV columnist Angela de Young and reporters Dennis Jansen and Mark Den Blanken discuss all the major, peripheral, and peripheral issues in media. The show is in the hands of Manuel Winderbos. Do you prefer to use your favorite podcast apps online? Spotify or an Apple? Which can! Find all of our podcasts at ad.nl/podcasts.

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