Change of Prime Minister in Ireland – Sargasso

Change of Prime Minister in Ireland – Sargasso

In Ireland, Leo Varadkar took over as the new Prime Minister. Exactly as agreed in the negotiations of his Fine Gael party coalition with Fianna Fáil of Michel Martin, who has been prime minister until now. The fact that these two centre-right parties were able to agree a coalition (which also included the Irish Green Party) was a unique event in Irish politics. Even then, since Ireland’s independence a hundred years ago, they have always turned their backs. Michael Martin in his farewell:”The hallmark of centrist democrats is the ability to respect differences, find common ground, and work together. That’s what we did.’

After his election as Martin’s successor, Varadkar was cautiously optimistic about resolving the trade crisis in Northern Ireland. Now, nearly twenty-five years after the Good Friday Agreement, we must not lose the opportunity to keep the peace, he wrote in Open the letter in Belfast Telegraph. “An entire generation of young people in Northern Ireland has been blessed by God with the peace and political settlement of the Good Friday Agreement (…) With all parties, the United States and the European Union, we must ensure a better future for all. “Brand New Taoiseach (Prime Minister’s Irish name) announced his intention to visit Northern Ireland to meet with all the leaders. He also wants to quickly contact his British counterpart, Rishi Sunak. called trade unionists Varadkar’s position is “disappointing”. Jon Stewart announced Ulster Unionist Party.

Nice words

The Northern Ireland government has been in a deadlock since the election last spring. There is no government and Parliament does not function, because of the blockade of the unionist union in Northern Ireland. Trade unionists are calling for dropping the EU-UK protocol. Dr (Democratic Unionist Party) Together with Northern Ireland’s Sinn Féin, which became the largest in the elections, it will form a new government, the executive, must pose. If unionist resistance continues any further, it will probably be there New elections Perhaps in conjunction with the already scheduled municipal elections.

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Varadkar’s brilliant words about the future of Northern Ireland are cast in an odd light when he simultaneously declares that he sees no collaboration in Irish politics between his party and Mary Lou MacDonald’s Irish Sinn Féin, who is also involved there. recent elections. Thus he responded to a statement by his predecessor Martin who suggested that an alliance between Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin would be difficult, but that he would not wish to exclude anyone in advance. “I am totally against it,” Varadkar said, if Fine Gael should team up with Sinn Féin. “I would like to cancel my membership.”

Biden sends Kennedy

Can help from the US solve the Northern Ireland crisis? US President Joe Biden will be about Joe Kennedy, Special Envoy for Northern Ireland. Former Congressman Kennedy is the grandson of Robert Kennedy. The family name is certainly still highly regarded in Ireland. But whether this will be the case with unionists in Northern Ireland remains to be seen. Last week, there was a high-level meeting in Brussels between British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and European Commission Vice-President Maroš Žefović. A deal could be concluded in February. But it remains to be seen if DUP will handle the matter.

At the moment, the UK is still busy with other problems. Throughout December, there were strikes by postal carriers, healthcare workers and other groups of disaffected workers. in England and Wales Thousands of ambulance workers went on strike To get a better salary. According to three trade unions, this should rise at least in line with inflation. It was 10.7 percent last month. He. She British CBS reports The UK economy is weaker than previously assumed and lower growth is expected than expected. Reuters concludes Based on another survey that Brexit has become a nightmare for UK SMEs. The survey found that around 56% of companies are having trouble adjusting to the new rules for trading goods, while 44% of companies also reported difficulties in obtaining visas for their employees.The Chamber of Commerce report quoted a British businessman as saying that Brexit is the biggest bureaucracy companies have had to deal with. “Simply importing parts to fix broken machines or raw materials from the EU has become a huge, time-consuming nightmare for small businesses.”

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In any case, it could be an incentive to resolve problems in the Anglo-British trade to and from Northern Ireland as quickly as possible.

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