CES calls Samsung QD OLED TV with 144Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 – picture and sound – news

CES awarded the Innovation Award for Samsung’s 65-inch QD-oled TV. Samsung has yet to officially announce this TV itself and will not do so during CES. Samsung has confirmed this to Tweakers.

CES organization presents innovation award Samsung 65 inch QD TV. The accompanying text states that the TV will receive four HDMI 2.1 inputs and a refresh rate of 144Hz. The CES website also mentions “object tracking sound“Technology from Samsung and the ‘2022 Neo Quantum’ processor”.

More details about the TV are not yet known and there are no images available yet. It is not clear what the TV will cost or when it will be available. Earlier this week, Samsung already New TVs announced During CES, however, the manufacturer did not mention QD-oled models.

Samsung is said to have changed its advertising plans at the last minute, according to reports from South Korea, Also writes FlatpanelsHD. Samsung has confirmed to Tweakers that the company will not announce QD OLED TVs during CES. The company hints that it will come up with news about such TVs at a later time, but when is not yet known. Samsung spokesperson Reports to CNET The company will share more details about its new 2022 TV lineup “in the coming weeks.”

Screen manufacturer Samsung Display has been working on it for some time QD- You are a painting. These screens combine blue OLED pixels and quantum dots. In addition, red and green color filters are used to create sub-pixels for those colors. This will provide higher brightness and greater color gamut than LG OLED screens. According to previous rumours Samsung will launch QD OLED TVs with 55- and 65-inch screens this year, while a larger 70-inch model will follow later.

Samsung QD OLED technology
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