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Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Job title
Do you get energy from backing the plate to be able to work effectively? Do you enjoy organized lists and mailboxes and want to de-burden your colleagues? Are you looking for a dynamic environment in which there is no single day? Then we are looking for you!

As an Administrative Support, you are part of the Personnel Office, which makes an important contribution to the support and effective operation of the Communications Department. Together with your colleagues, you ensure that the services provided remain of a high standard and that work processes are unambiguous when necessary. In this way, it contributes to achieving the objectives of the Board of Directors.
You can access it and is visible to everyone in the Communications section. You and your colleagues can replace each other at any time, so we can switch quickly and respond to events. Furthermore, in the absence of a Head of Personnel Office, you functionally manage your fellow administrative support staff.
What does your work day look like? First of all, you manage and monitor the manager’s agenda. You can set and plan appointments, also for the long-term. Identify any jams early on. In addition, you can effectively organize meetings, appointments and meetings for the management team, but also for project teams within the department. You handle incoming phone calls, email and posting in a customer friendly manner. Via Prose you organize and manage the document flow and support colleagues in using it. An important task is to support complex (administrative) meetings, such as preparing for meetings, taking care of preparing reports and monitoring progress and agreements. We also expect you to be able to coordinate the work in the personnel office and monitor its progress. The Personnel Office schedules employee interviews, processes illness and recovery reports, takes care of the introduction of new employees and takes minutes at various departmental meetings.
You really feel responsible for the quality of support, you contribute to the improvement of this process on your own initiative and know how to handle confidential personal and business information that you come across while working. We offer a versatile website with a great deal of responsibility.

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Work requirements
• Have an MBO level in Business and Thinking (MBO4) and a diploma from a strong secretarial course, eg Schoevers;
• Have several years of experience in a similar administrative support role;
• You have good digital skills and extensive experience with Microsoft Windows, Outlook and Word. You are also ready to master other software such as iBabs, WebEx and Prose, the ministry’s digital document management system;
• you are an accurate and representative professional;
• You are familiar with your role as the business card of management and have excellent social and communication skills. Tact, flexibility, environmental sensitivity and entrepreneurial thinking are important here;
• The skills of oral and written expression in the Dutch language are well developed. You do not wait, but you like to take initiatives;
• be able to listen well and quickly assimilate and apply new information;
• You are open to others and contribute to good cooperation with a sense of humor;
• You are a colleague with whom it is a pleasure to work, because job satisfaction is paramount in managing communications!

working conditions
Salary level:
7 . scale
Monthly salary: Minimum €2471 – maximum. 3,220 euros (total)
Recruit: Fixed-term employment contract for an indefinite period
Duration of the contract: One year
Minimum number of hours per week: 32
Maximum number of hours per week: 36

Other terms of employment
In addition to the salary, you will receive an Individual Choice Budget (IKB). The IKB consists of money (16.37% of your total annual salary) and time. With IKB, you can select the options that suit you and you can configure part of your working conditions yourself. For example, you can choose to pay a portion of your monthly income when you wish. You can also turn this budget into vacation and vice versa or spend it on tax-friendly goals. The national government attaches great importance to personal growth and career development and provides many opportunities for this. Additional benefits include numerous study facilities, company fitness, full reimbursement of public transportation costs, and partially paid parental leave.

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• The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is actively committed to creating an inclusive work environment. We work together in an organization where every employee feels shared and valued. In addition to your talents, experiences, and motivations, the different aspects of your identity make our organization richer, more innovative and more enjoyable. Talent as foundation, diversity as strength.
• If job-status candidates respond to work, they will take precedence over employees who move voluntarily. If you belong to this group, please attach a nomination or supporting document and indicate it in the appropriate field.
• Acquisition of a response to this ad is not appreciated.

other information:
We will inform you by email. So keep an eye on your email. subscriber Dienstpostbus. [email protected] to the Safe Senders List and check that there are no messages in the SPAM folder.

Are you unable to upload your application documents?
Our system does not (yet) handle file names that are too long or file names containing spaces or strange characters. The advice is to keep the file name as short as possible without extraneous spaces and characters. If the problem persists after this, you can send an email to Dienstpostbus. [email protected]

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science invites you to apply on its website. Via the button below, you leave this site and go directly to Application form† Central government values ​​a diverse and inclusive organization. Working in diversified teams makes us more effective, innovative and more fun to work. Therefore, everyone is invited to apply.

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