Celebrities respond in bewilderment to Trump's speech

Celebrities respond in bewilderment to Trump’s speech

“I cannot wait until the moment when he no longer has the podium at his disposal,” wrote Georgina Verban. Humberto Tan tweeted, “Wow, this American president has some kind of Calimero knot.”

Erik van Muiswinkel watched the scene on TV in amazement and awe. “There is a world leader here with huge shovels digging his own grave. Depressive lamentations about Zero Point is nothing. The next two months will be very frightening. I feel Doros should keep listening to Poesie Mauw. And like that, that will be the case. The movie becomes world history.” “.

“He thinks it’s all real, and that’s the scary thing,” said Roel van Velzen. According to Maurice Wigenen, “This is the strangest presidential speech ever.”

Trump repeated allegations of electoral fraud against Democrats in his speech, without having any evidence. According to him, rival Joe Biden is getting help from the media and big tech companies donating a lot of money. He did not provide any evidence for that either.

The fight between Trump and Biden is yet to be resolved. Michel Voss explains why results are so long delayed.

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