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I am active in the mod community for Cyberpunk 2077 and have also made some small mods myself.

At the moment, adding completely new content using REDmod is still limited, and can best be done via third-party extenders. There will be an update to WolvenKit soon that will activate the REDmod plugin (REDmod and WolvenKit are both built by Yigsoft, and Tweakers already sent a message about this when those mods were originally set by CD Projekt RED.)

With the update of WolvenKit and with the Blender plug-in provided by CDPR, much larger modifications can be made that offer much more content. At the moment, the bulk is new clothes and weapons. There are already some mods that add small quests and make small changes to the game world (by editing the sector), but nothing significant so far.

Edit: I read here that a lot of people would love to see mods on consoles, but I don’t think this will happen. Fallout and Skyrim are really exceptions and are also very limited in what mods can bring to the platform, with Cyberpunk, this is not possible by the engine.

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