Catshuisberaad: Cabinet sees no reason to stop Fieldlabs

Catshuisberaad: Cabinet sees no reason to stop Fieldlabs

Cabinet sees no reason to pull the plug from the ill-fated Fieldlab events. This is the outcome of this afternoon’s cabinet meeting in Catchways, where, at the request of the municipality of Breda, discussions were also held on whether or not these events would be allowed to take place. Fieldlab concert planned in that city with 10,000 visitors to Radio Station 538 came under fire days ago.

Several sources from The Hague confirm the outcome of the consultations with BNR. In their opinion, the Cabinet sees the importance of scientific research behind the events of Fieldlab. We don’t do this for nothing. We are doing it to see if more is possible this summer, says an insider. The government acknowledges that there are public order concerns in large-scale testing events. This matter is being discussed with the municipalities on how to deal with this matter. Whether the large party of 538 people in Breda will continue, the Council of Ministers says that the municipality of Breda should make this decision.

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During a cabinet meeting in Catshuis, there was also talk of easing coronavirus measures from April 28th. Insiders say the Cabinet is now more positive on this matter. But it has not yet been decided whether the terraces can really open and whether another relaxation will follow. The consultations will take place in the coming days, including tomorrow, with the heads of municipalities in the Security Council. The cabinet will take a decision on Tuesday.

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Statisticians: This is not science

The cabinet decision to rely on the scientific basis for large-scale testing events comes on the day statisticians publicly cut off those studies. They tell BNR that there is “false science” and that irresponsible health risks are being taken.

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