Carla has left the hearth and home for a B&B full of love-Jacob, and now they are separated |  show

Carla has left the hearth and home for a B&B full of love-Jacob, and now they are separated | show

b & with loveThe face of Jacob de Vries (60) and his new girlfriend Carla broke up after a relationship that lasted about ten weeks. According to Jacob, the duo lived in a “fairy tale” for the first three weeks, but after that there were mainly tensions. He regrets celebrating Christmas without her, but he still believes in love. “Hopefully I’m 90 or even over 100, and then I’m only halfway there.”

It really seemed like a fairy tale. Carla (54) of Heerlen was unable to pass the selection round on the dating show RTL 4, but reached out to Jacob after the broadcast. In no time she left with all her household belongings to his bed and breakfast in the Portuguese Algarve. Already on the first night he put his hand on her leg They enjoyed each other under the starry sky. Carla spoke of “the most beautiful week of her life”.

But then thunderclouds came. Although they had been in contact for two months before Carla left the house and stove, once in Portugal, it turned out that they didn’t know each other very well. After a day at work, Jacob prefers to curl up on the sofa in front of the TV, Carla did not like this and preferred to talk. Consequently, there were more differences that caused “hurdles,” according to Jacob.

Jacob in his bed and breakfast. © RTL

After ten weeks in his bed and breakfast, Carla left. In Portugal, only the Christmas decorations that she had already put on. Jacob was sad to see them, but remains positive. He says, “I have no shortage of nice friends. “I play tennis, I play squash, I do yoga, I do Pilates.”

Have learned from them. De Vries will not soon have a woman come from Holland so quickly. The other wants to fully open up first, he says. “During the program, for example, a woman came in who looked like she was smoking, but I didn’t know that beforehand. I would never have accepted someone who smoked.”


During the program came a woman who seemed to be smoking, but I did not know this beforehand. I would never kiss someone who smokes


It’s a second adventure for Jacob that ends in disappointment. Four women he visited last summer b & with loveMostly, they had fun with each other – not with Jacob. He never had a relationship and is now alone again.

‘I still believe in love,’ he confirms. “I’m not twenty, not even fifty. But I feel like I’ll be 90 and maybe over 100. Then I’m only halfway there. I have every confidence in him. Love is one of the most beautiful things in life.” He isn’t actively looking for the present. “If you really want it, it will never happen. So I am waiting very patiently.”

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