Caring for work and family during "Father's Week" in Suriname

Caring for work and family during “Father’s Week” in Suriname

From June 13-20, 2021, “Papa Wiki” (Father’s Week) will be organized again. This year’s theme is “Parents: Caring for Work and Family”. This week, Man Mit’Man is asking society to pay special attention to the role of fathers at work and in the family.

Many men put in hard work to provide their families with what they need. That should be appreciated. Especially when working away from home. Known is the men who work in the gold fields or the gold companies, or the men at sea, or the men in the forests. Sometimes at the risk of your life. With regard to the latter in particular, the interest of both the private sector and the government is important.

Unfortunately, the employment advice given by the Department of Labor is not always followed. In the construction sector, for example, there are still countless men and dads at work without proper clothing, a helmet, or shoes. In some cases, agriculture also lacks the prerequisites for doing work safely. There are risks with every business, but it is important to observe all preventive measures.

With the COVID pandemic partially paralyzing the workforce, many men are facing different challenges. Unfortunately, owners of buses and boats and men who earn daily have to deal with the principle of “no work, no wages”. Some of these guys have their say on Facebook. The gist of their argument is that the maintenance of their families is in danger.

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Man Meet Man stands up for decent work. Therefore, neither men nor women should maneuver into situations that end in what cannot be called work. There are already too many men in our penal institutions and detention centers who unfortunately cannot fulfill their duty as fathers. But for all parents, work should not diminish the interest of the family. A healthy balance is very important. Investing time and attention in our family lays a good foundation for our children later on.

In addition, our children need their father and mother. Man Mit’ Man has been demanding special attention from men and fathers in our society for more than two decades. By organizing various activities, including equipment, the development of healthy families and a healthy society is contributed.

To make Papa Wiki 2021 a success, all community actors are required to implement through programs and activities specifically aimed at promoting fatherhood. Films, songs, lectures, interviews, speeches, discussions, workshops, dramas, games, radio/TV/FB programs and articles where the theme of parenthood is, should contribute to raising awareness of this piece.

Man Mette Man will visit the Home Secretary to mark the opening of the Papa Wiki on Monday 14 June 2021. On Sunday 20 June there will be a Zoom meeting where parents can participate. You can register by phone number 8522418.

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