Capital Storm Inquiry: Are revelations stirring anything in the divided United States?

Capital Storm Inquiry: Are revelations stirring anything in the divided United States?

The first public hearing to investigate the attack on the parliament building will take place tonight.

It has been seventeen months since the Capitol building was attacked. On January 6, 2021, outraged Donald Trump supporters entered the House of Representatives in Washington DC to prevent Congress from confirming Joe Biden’s election victory. Five were killed and hundreds were injured.

Long study

Nine congressmen and one investigative team took more than a thousand reports and collected 140,000 documents about the storm. “They have been investigating for almost a year and have asked witnesses behind closed doors,” said U.S. Correspondent Eric Mouth. “Now the commission says: We know what happened, we have the evidence and we will show it to the rest of the world.”

The parliamentary committee’s investigation is different from the criminal investigation of the U.S. Public Prosecution Service. So far, more than 800 people have been charged in connection with the storm. “Now this is about the broader story: what exactly happened? Was it a demonstration that went out of hand or was it a premeditated plan?”

Trump’s role

“Many Americans wonder how it went so wrong,” Mauden says. “When I was about to report, I thought: Where’s the police? Where are the reinforcements? So that’s also being investigated.”

The role of former President Trump is also under scrutiny. According to Mauden, the image the panel wants to convey is that this president wants to be in power at any cost. “Trump was not heard for three hours during the storm. The commission of inquiry has spoken to many of his former employees.

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According to the American media, those employees say Trump actually thought what had happened. Until it actually turned violent, he was really in favor of it. “

Not on Fox News

The trial starts at 8:00 pm, the prime time for all TV channels, as most Americans will be behind the scenes. The main broadcasters have promised to broadcast live, as the Commission of Inquiry wants to see as many people as possible.

Fox News, one of the largest broadcasters in the country, does not show the investigation. As a result, Mauden says, many Republican voters will receive very little. “America is divided into bones. This investigation is no exception. Democrats are happy that things are finally coming out, but Republicans call it a witch hunt and refuse to look at it.”

Divided into groups

Instead, they want to talk about inflation, higher gas prices and dissatisfaction with current President Joe Biden. Mouthon: “After the storm, Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress condemned the attack. They said they could not accept it, but decided not to fully investigate it. In fact, they now say the commission of inquiry is unconstitutional.”

According to the US Correspondent, the commission includes seven Democrats and two Republicans who do not support Trump. Republicans present this as a Democrat-only inquiry, so there is no opinion. This is a crazy argument because the majority of delegates voted for this committee. This is how they sell it to their supporters: it’s a left-wing entertainment club, you do not believe it, do you? “

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At the same time, for many Republicans, it feels like a countless attempt to destroy Trump, Mouthaan says: “We have heard for years about various investigations into Trump, for example, Democrats say he collaborated with the Russians. : Here we go again. “

What to expect?

The panel has not yet announced who will testify. According to the American media, many, including filmmaker Nick Quested, will testify. During the storm the right-wing group created pictures of the Prot Boys and recorded the events of that morning.

Following Thursday’s hearing, five more hearings will follow in the coming weeks.

Prior to the trial, Ryan Kelly was arrested by the FBI. Kelly is the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan. He was arrested for his role in the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol in Washington. Kelly was one of five Republicans in the state to run against Democrat Gretchen Whitmer in November.

According to an FBI agent, Kelly was caught on video inside the Capitol crowd “attacking law enforcement and pushing aside.” Other pictures show Kelly climbing on an ‘architectural element’ near the stairs leading to the building. You can see him waving his hand to encourage the crowd to move on.

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