Canada heat wave leads to dozens of ‘sudden deaths’

Canada heat wave leads to dozens of ‘sudden deaths’

On Tuesday, it was 49.5 degrees in the village of Lytton, northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia, the state agency Environment and Climate Change Canada said.

Western Canada and the United States have been reeling under heat waves for days. On Sunday, the 1937 Canadian temperature record reached 45 degrees. It was 46.6 degrees in Lytton on Sunday, 47.9 degrees on Monday and 49.5 degrees on Tuesday.

It is also very hot in the United States, although it gradually cools. For example, in Portland, Oregon, on Monday, it was over 46 degrees, and on Tuesday it was “only” 32 degrees. A similar temperature is expected later in the week, which is warmer than normal, but more intense.

South of Oregon in northern California, 800 firefighters battled wildfires Tuesday. The fire in Cisco County, near the home village, affected 54 square kilometers, the fire department said. The fire was caused by lightning on Friday and strong winds with hot and dry weather made the situation worse. As a precaution several hundred people were asked to leave their homes.

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