Can you start a new relationship very soon?  |  Join the conversation

Can you start a new relationship very soon? | Join the conversation

Although this was not confirmed by the couple, Sergio Hermann would have found love with a Flemish person younger than 21 (30). Before that he was 13 years old with former model and presenter Ellemieke Vermolen (44 years old), and she had two children (12 and 10 years old).

Respect for the previous partner

Breaking up is never fun, but when one person deals with life faster than another, it can be painful. Especially when there is so little time between a past relationship and a new flame. Is it better to be single for a while, out of respect for your ex, than to start a new relationship quickly?

What is so fast then?

According to StiefenCo, Coaches of Compound Families, it is advised not to initiate a new relationship immediately after a divorce. But what’s the early time to be happy in love again? As one person may not need affection for a longer period of time, this may be different for the other. Does someone have to park the boat for a while, even if it feels good? Or is it better to give everything you have in this situation?

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