Can Netflix Use a VPN?

Can Netflix Use a VPN?

Have you seen the Dutch Netflix offer? Would you like to see what else is available on the streaming service? You may want to consider using a VPN to elevate regional volumes. Everyone knows this is possible. But is it legal? In other words: Can Netflix use a VPN?

VPN and Netflix

A VPN Is a virtual private network. Your own, virtual, extra secure internet connection. This hides your IP address, which Netflix sees as if you are from the Netherlands. If you connect to a VPN server in the United States, it looks like you are there and can access the US offer.

The size of the Netflix offer varies from country to country. There are many more films and series to watch in the United States than in the Netherlands. This relates to copyright: the streaming service may only show certain movies and series in a particular country. For example, contracts have been made with film companies. For this, Netflix has acquired so-called licenses.

Is VPN illegal?

Many people wonder if VPN is illegal. To answer the question immediately: No, using a VPN is not illegal in the Netherlands. Anyone can use a VPN. So you can basically watch with a Netflix Netflix VPN. At least, if you look at it from the law.

If you watch Netflix via VPN you will not get police after. The BREIN Foundation or the Dutch Filmworks will not follow you. You don’t have to believe in fines or anything like that. In that sense, watching Netflix via VPN is completely legal.

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Violation of contracts

Still, watching Netflix via VPN is not without risk. When you create an account with a streaming service, you declare that you will only see the country you are coming from. The terms say: “You can only view Netflix content in the country where you originally opened your account and in the geographical locations where we provide our service and license the content.” If you use a VPN to view, you are violating those terms.

You can see it as a breach of contract. The streaming service is within its rights if it holds your account using a VPN and suspends your account. The provider does not like it when customers break the rules. Netflix may be penalized by film companies and their representatives for that.

Is Netflix working?

Netflix has long forgiven Netflix VPN usage. More and more people have now discovered that you can remove regional modules with a VPN, and the service is up and running. If a Dutch subscriber looks away from the US for a moment and suddenly from India, Netflix knows things are not right. Your account may be suspended.

Still, there are not many stories of Netflix subscribers being banned from the service for viewing via VPN. In fact, the streaming service is primarily for VPN providers: Netflix blocks their IP addresses so customers of VPN providers can not stream a VPN.

By law, you can stream via a VPN. In the Netherlands it does not become illegal. But you run the risk that your account will be closed or your connection will no longer be accepted abruptly. That is why it is important to choose a provider with different servers in different locations. This way you can be sure of the Netflix Overseas offer.

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