Call of Duty: Warzone replaces Verdansk map with version ’84 – Gaming – News

Battle Royale often has only one or few gameplay environment. Hence they are large and varied and players should get to know them better and better. Now comes a new game in Warzone and the original version disappears, but the differences are not so great that the accumulated knowledge of players is not completely sidelined.

That way you can also keep players together more in order to juggle enough online users that sometimes split into different game modes but at least all of them on one map. This is especially useful for Battle Royales because they often need a lot of players for each server / game.

Rotating content has become more and more popular outside of BR games in recent years; So that some old things will be removed (temporarily) from the game with the new additions. This creates a sense of privacy, of having to be there, and that there is a training or development course involved. I’m not a big fan of it myself. Very common things often come back later or annually in a certain period.

But overall, there are still a lot of additions rather than changes when you think of all the online games and everything they add from weapons to modes to maps to skins. Most of them only come after that, rather than instead. But depending on the game, the developer, and the publisher, sometimes more replacements are chosen.

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