Cage fighter Keita Lusin wins UFC world title in America: 'Fighting for something'

Cage fighter Keita Lusin wins UFC world title in America: ‘Fighting for something’

Keita Losin, 23, battled himself to become the MMA World Champion last month during an exciting match in the Netherlands. Losene is the girlfriend of Kedist Deltour, the woman who could wear the Miss Belgium crown.

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MMA or mixed martial arts is more commonly known by the term cage fighting. A sport in which almost anything is allowed and fighters often do not come out unscathed. Deltour tells us, “He’s really always keen to see how my friend gets home, but I’m 100 percent behind him. I’ve been doing this for five years and this has become my profession. Sports is a challenge in itself and requires a lot of physical training. I do three sports. Times a day and I alternate between cardio, fitness, and martial arts. It’s a sport not to be underestimated,” says Lucien. From Football to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Originally, Losene was a soccer player. He only discovered his new passion after his friends invited him to the gym. “It was purely a coincidence, but the hobby is now my profession. He is now looking forward to my ultimate goal which is UFC in America.” “The fact that there are so many people behind me motivates me to achieve my goal.” Before the match in Holland, the wait was a bit because the opponent was unexpectedly canceled . “His weight was not very good and therefore he could not participate. Without an opponent I would have won the title like this, but I did not want to. You have to fight for something and without an opponent I did not think my victory was justified,” Lucien knows . Fortunately for him, they found a replacement in time. Keita is originally from Guinea but left Africa when he was eleven years old. His entire family was already in Belgium when he arrived and they fully support his choice. My partner and family are proud of me. “Although it is not always easy for someone involved in a mixed martial arts sport. A broken leg or nose is often the result of competition.” The worst by far is a broken eye socket but I know the risks and always strive for my goal. I know there are a lot of people behind me and that still motivates me to achieve my goal. “There is no specific vision for a match in America during the Ultimate Fighting Championship. For now, it’s still training and preparation. Once we have a specific point of view, it’s like working towards it like every game. Practice, practice, practice.”

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