Cadillac wants to form an F1 team with Andretti

Cadillac wants to form an F1 team with Andretti

An American racing giant wants to field a team with at least one American driver at a time when F1 is doing well in America. Only a V8 would make it even more American. At least that’s what we thought. Today Andretti announces that he has found a partner to make his F1 dream come true. That partner is American General Motors and Cadillac in particular.

If there is one Andretti The Cadillac F1 team will then come to the United States with an additional facility at the factory in the United Kingdom. Both brands are already racing at a high level. For example, Andretti Global competes in IndyCar and Cadillac IMSA championships in endurance racing. Now both brands are looking to make the step up to F1.

Andretti, Cadillac and the FIA ​​boss responded to the news

Michael Andretti is proud to announce the news: “I feel that we deserve to be a new F1 team and bring added value to the racing series, excitement for our partners and fans.”

The big boss at GM, Marc Reuss, has high hopes for the new F1 team: “Both Cadillac and F1 are growing globally. Our brand has a motorsport heritage spanning more than a century, and we’re proud to bring our American innovation and design to F1.

FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem also responds to the news of the collaboration between the American brands: “I welcome the news of the collaboration between Cadillac and Andretti. The FIA ​​looks forward to further negotiations.” Suleym’s reaction to the news suggests that Andretti and Cadillac have a good chance of making it onto the F1 grid.

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