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BzV-Janine Addresses Christian: ‘I Actually Need More From You’

Janine still doesn’t look like it. She’ll have to choose between Sander and Christian on Sunday night’s episode, but that certainly won’t go smoothly. She’s been suspicious of the two for quite some time and hasn’t finished in the episode yet. She even started a conversation with Christian again.


De Boer on Sunday evening is looking for a woman who is all about making choices. Both Farmer Everett and Farmer Janine will have to choose who they want to continue the adventure with. We see in a teaser that Janine is asking for advice from her mother. However, he couldn’t help her. After all, Janine will have to make the decision herself and stand behind this decision.


She decided to take Christian aside again. “I’m a bit unsure if you’ve seen Chris yet.” He understands her question, but also finds it difficult. “Everything is new anyway. A different environment and yes, I did my best to show you that.” Janine: “I also do my best. I also find it very difficult to be more extroverted, but I think you are quite introverted. I find it difficult. I actually need more of you.” Christian nodded in agreement, “Yes,” but is that enough? We’ll find out on Sunday night!

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