Burger and fries: "McDonald's" Russia gets a new logo

Burger and fries: “McDonald’s” Russia gets a new logo

No more filet mignon or fish, but become Fish Burger and Royal de Luxe Grand de Luxe. Fast food lovers in Russia will get their money’s worth again starting Sunday. Because then the first 15 former McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow and the surrounding area will reopen.

Eventually, about 200 stores that had the McDonald’s logo until recently will reopen. who – which Confirms The company to the Russian news agency TASS.

No name yet, but logo

Remarkably, there is no new name yet. A total of eight names are still being studied, among which are names that can be translated as “Same” and “Free Checkout”.

There is already a logo. It depicts a burger enclosed in two slices: “the main icons of the restaurant,” according to the new chain. On Sunday, there will also be an app called my burger

32 years in Russia

McDonald’s was the first Western fast food chain to open there in 1990, in what was then the Soviet Union. The American group eventually grew into a chain of about 850 branches in Russia. But after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, McDonald’s decided to leave the country

The chain sold its Russian operations to Alexander Govor, one of the country’s current franchisees. Govor has already operated 25 McDonald’s restaurants. Bought all McDonald’s branches in Russia last month. Part of the deal was that he would keep the employees in service for at least two more years, on equal terms.

Financial details were not disclosed, but the withdrawal cost McDonald’s $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion.

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