"Building America's Speed"

“Building America’s Speed”

With a healthier twelve points ahead of rival Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen flew to Mexico. The Dutchman is seen as a favorite for the upcoming race weekend. In recent years, Verstappen has gone well in Mexico, while rival Mercedes has struggled in the thin air in Mexico City. Hope is good, especially after the big win at the US Grand Prix.

“It’s definitely a great feeling to be back on the highest step,” Verstappen looks back briefly. “The last few races have been very difficult with many engine penalties and some unfortunate moments, so it was good for me to come back with Chekhov next. It was a very happy win. Obviously, it was very important to get solid points for the championship.

Verstappen was the first to cross the finish line in Mexico in 2017 and 2018, and dominated until he gave up his goal two years ago when he slowed to a very low pace in the yellow. “I have fond memories of Mexico with my two victories. I firmly believe that our team now has a lot of fans with Chekhov. I look forward to seeing them on the track and hope we can have a competitive weekend. “

“Lots of travel time and time differences”

After the race in Mexico, the circus goes straight to Brazil, followed by a race in Qatar as the final part of the triptych. At a busy and crucial time, the Dutchman agrees: “I look forward to it, however the triple header will be very busy! It is incredibly important for me and the team to perform well in the next three races we will compete for the championship. I look forward to driving, as well as the challenge of the new road in Qatar.

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