Brussels holds claims with the United Kingdom over Northern Ireland

The European Union maintains that the UK must fully comply with a divorce agreement with the European Union regarding Northern Ireland. EU Commissioner Maros Sivkovic says the European Commission has not yet withdrawn the legal procedures it has initiated on the matter.

Civkovic, who is overseeing the implementation of the withdrawal agreement negotiated by the European Union with the United Kingdom government due to Britain’s exit from the European Union on January 1, received his British counterpart David Frost in Brussels on Thursday evening to talk about Northern Ireland. “Solutions are only to trade issues that we agree on together,” Civkovic said, including deadlines for the agreements.

The European Union launched a legal process last month after London decided unilaterally to delay introducing controls on goods shipped from British soil to Northern Ireland until October 1. It was agreed that this would begin on April 1. Controls on incoming goods at Northern Ireland’s ports and Belfast Airport are necessary because British Northern Ireland continued to be part of the European internal market after Brexit.

The British government said in a statement on Friday that intense negotiations between the two sides in recent weeks had led to greater clarity and “positive momentum”. But Frost said more in-depth contacts were needed in the coming weeks.

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