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news item | 2021-07-09 | 15:50

For MBO students who wish to continue studying at HBO after their education, the rules regarding student funding are relaxed. This gives these students more time to discover if their further study at the University of Applied Sciences is right for them. This can increase the productivity of MBO students and reduce inequality of opportunity. At the suggestion of Education, Culture and Science Minister Van Engelshofen, the Cabinet agreed to consult the bill from Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

February 1

Now, as a student, you do not have to repay the additional scholarship you received and the value of the Student Travel Product if you stop before February 1 in your first year and no longer use student funding for the rest of the year. This so-called bylaw on February 1 seems to force some students very early in the school year to decide whether they are in the right place at the University of Applied Sciences. MBO graduates often seem to choose to be on the safe side so as not to take financial risks and stop their studies early. Or that is why students do not dare to start a higher professional education program at all.

whole year

In order to give students more space and time and thus give more students the opportunity to start a higher professional education programme, the February 1 regulation will be extended for this group of students. Therefore, if during the first year a student decides to discontinue the program of study and no longer uses student funding, the additional scholarship and the value of the student’s travel product are not required to be repaid.

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