Brits can go ahead with their Christmas plans

Johnson: Brits can go ahead with their Christmas plans

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Johnson: Brits can go ahead with their Christmas plans

LONDON (AP/Bloomberg) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not issue new coronavirus restrictions before Christmas due to an advanced omikron variant.

Johnson said on Tuesday that Britons could go ahead with their Christmas plans, after numerous speculations that the UK could go into lockdown. However warned.

“We don’t think there is enough evidence to take tougher measures before Christmas,” Johnson said in a video posted on social media. “We are closely monitoring the situation around Omicron and if it deteriorates, we will take measures if necessary,” he added.

He did not want to rule out stricter interventions after Christmas. However, Johnson noted the uncertainties surrounding the seriousness of the novel coronavirus variant and its consequences for health care; Reasons for not wanting to intervene now.

Minister Rishi Sunak (Finance) also demanded more information about the possible consequences before making a decision that he believes will hurt the economy again. Sunak has pledged up to 1 billion pounds (1.17 billion euros) to sectors already partially affected, such as tourism, hospitality and cultural institutions.

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