Brits are snowing in the pub all weekend: 'There's enough beer'

Brits are snowing in the pub all weekend: ‘There’s enough beer’

While pubs should be empty by 5pm, the exact opposite happens in England. But not (just) because Brits like to spend a lot of time in the pub. A blizzard left dozens of customers trapped in a hostel for three days.

Storm Arwen brings a good pile of snow in the Yorkshire Dales – just north of Manchester and Leeds. Guests of the Tall Hill Inn pub and pub were completely unprepared for this. After a tribute evening at the oasis, many guests stayed overnight, only to wake up in a snow-covered lodge.

Snow storm in England

About a meter of snow fell around the 17th century building on Saturday morning. Since then, they have dug a tunnel to get out. If that works, guests will face another challenge: the roads are partly impassable due to broken power cables.

According to manager Nicola Townsend, 61 people have already spent two nights at the inn. The band members also stayed for a while, although they had to spend the night in the pub lounge. 40 guests had already booked a bed, the rest of the guests spontaneously came in for a pint of beer on a Friday evening.

Karaoke and contests

Nicola says the atmosphere is definitely not annoying. “Friendships are forming. It feels like a big family.” BBC. “One lady said she didn’t want to leave at all.”

The British wouldn’t be the British if they didn’t make the most of it. The inn staff keeps guests entertained with quizzes and board games and also plans a karaoke night.

‘Enough beer at the bar’

Guest Martin is very satisfied with the stay because he says there is good atmosphere and plenty of beer. “I’m glad we’re stranded,” his wife Stephanie said. “It is very exciting, although we miss our son with his grandmother. I wonder how long we will be here.”

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Rescue workers have now managed to reach the hotel. One guest required medical attention for an existing condition.

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Brits are snowing in the pub all weekend: ‘There’s enough beer’

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