Britney Spears wins lawsuit, father no longer in charge: 'Best day ever!'  |  to watch

Britney Spears wins lawsuit, father no longer in charge: ‘Best day ever!’ | to watch

UpdateA Los Angeles judge ruled on Friday that the supervision order for Britney Spears will end immediately. Her father, Jamie Spears, has been in complete control of his daughter for over thirteen years.

“I think I’m going to cry the rest of the day,” Spears wrote on Instagram a few hours after the ruling. “Best day ever!!!”

Lawyers for Britney and her father, Jamie, urged the judge on Friday to end the administration. Hundreds of fans gathered in front of the stadium to show their support for the singer.

Several photos circulated on Twitter of fans taking banners and signing them in front of the court. The famous saying “Britney Free” is written in chalk on the streets. Dozens of fans also took to the streets in New York to support the singer.


Spears, known for hits like Baby One More Time and Toxic, actually pulled her hair out in the run-up to the sentence. # Free Britney shirt From the eponymous fan movement that has been fighting for her freedom for years.

The singer was supervised by her father thirteen years ago after he had a mental breakdown. From that moment on, almost everything was decided for her. Several recently released documentaries show that Britney was not allowed to go anywhere without permission, was unable to speak to her independent lawyers about the situation and had to live on the budget set by her father.

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