Britney Spears on Instagram: 'I had to shower with the door open'

Britney Spears on Instagram: ‘I had to shower with the door open’

Britney Spears She once again revealed shocking details about the conditions she had to live in for years due to her surveillance. For example, there was no door in her bathroom so security guards could keep an eye on her.

Pop princess Britney Spears was forcibly placed on probation in 2008 after suffering a public nervous breakdown. As a result, she had no control over her life and career. In November last year, the judge put an end to this administration.

Since then, Spears has repeatedly picked up a pamphlet about the terrible fourteen years during which she was on probation. aired Sunday toxicShe once again sings her heart out to her 42 million followers on Instagram.

She tells of a time when she was confined to her home for four months. According to Spears, she had absolutely no privacy. For example, the singer claims that her security kept watching her while changing clothes and showering.

treated unevenly
In her post, Spears also indicated that she doubts other singers would never be treated this way. She compares herself to Jennifer Lopez. Spears doesn’t think the same thing will happen to her. “Her family would never allow thatPop icon said.

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